Tortoise Shell Mesh

Products Brief Introduction: It is our new product named Big Mud Claw Tortoise Shell Mesh, which can reinforce high-temperature-resist and cannot finalize desigh liner material, Carbon tortoise shell mesh, special material 0Cr12. Spot welding tortoise shellshould be firstly on the boiler or wall of sirocco way, then daubed anti-fire material.

Excellency: Hexagonal Big Mud Claw Tortoise Shell Mesh reinforces effectively anchor ability and interlink strength with liner material. It can prevent the layer break from anti-heat and heat preservation, thus enhancing the unite strength of liner.

Materials: A General Carbon Steel 0Cr13.1Cr13. 0Cr18Ni9Ti, Hole length 2cm-6cm, Mesh Thickness 1cm-2.5cm, Board Thickness 1mm-3mm.

Mesh Piece Size: We can design as your needs. many of mainframe factories cooperate with us to produce metal parts; We has already supplied kinds of liner metal fabric parts for many petrifaction equipment making enterprise. Our products can be used for petrol chemical; It is favorable to catalyst equipment as one of liner structures.